Wedding catering in Nashik

Banquet menu, for 1 person
150 ₹ — 250 ₹
Reception menu, for 1 person
250 ₹ — 1 400 ₹
Coffee break, for 1 person
60 ₹ — 100 ₹

The one thing that comes into our mind when we hear the term ‘wedding’ is some exotic dishes of food. At, we offer catering services to serve at your wedding with beautiful culinary dishes. Our catering will range from Indian food to Chinese, Tibetan to Mongolian, Spanish to Mexican and several other varieties. Our caterer in Nashik will provide you with as many dishes as required and our aim will be to win all of your hearts with sound amalgamation of various culinary elements. We have specialised menu for wedding catering and you may choose from their or create your own food list for us to prepare. We prioritise the quality and taste of food above anything and we stick to that under any circumstances.